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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Technology Updates

iOS 7.1 Update

Please have your student download the iOS 7.1 update when it becomes available on his/her iPad.  As always, students should back up all important files they wish to keep in Google Drive BEFORE performing an update.  If your student needs help in backing up files, please have him/her see a classroom teacher or submit the following form to request an appointment with the technology and learning coach:  Appointment Request.

Unapproved App Alert

It has been brought to our attention that students have been downloading VPN apps.  It was explained to students at the beginning of the year that VPN apps are not allowed.  Those apps are strictly forbidden because they give students the ability to bypass the District's network and reach web content that would otherwise be blocked.  We will perform a check for VPN apps, and students found having them will receive disciplinary action.  The list of apps and app types that are not allowed can be found at the following site:  Unallowed Apps.

Backing up Student Work

Please encourage your student to back up work frequently.  This will prevent the loss of data should an iPad malfunction occur.  Students needing assistance with setting up Notability so that it automatically backs up data to Google Drive can see a classroom teacher or request an appointment using the aforementioned link.

Did You Know?

The technology and learning coach is available to assist parents and students with learning more about the technology we use at Muller. Request an appointment HERE.

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