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Friday, May 26, 2017

Summer Reading Recommendations

We hope all students will choose to spend at least 30 minutes a day reading this summer.  Those 30 minutes could be spent reading magazines, blogs, online newspapers/news sites, gaming/strategy books, novels, informational text, etc...  However you choose to read, we encourage you to do so!

Studies show that the more students read throughout summer break, the more likely they can avoid the "summer slide".  "Summer slide" refers to the tendency of students to lose achievement gains from the previous school year when they are out of school for summer.

To help you combat the "summer slide", MRM has a summer reading recommendation brochure for you here.  In addition, Richland Library offers their Summer Learning Challenge to help students expand their horizons during the summer and offers prizes for their continued learning.  Students choose their learning track and can keep track of their progress online.  All students have received a Richland Library card and can activate those at their local branch if they have not already done so.

Tag it!  Use our hashtag #mustangsread or Richland Library's #ilearnbecause to show us what you're reading and what you're learning this summer.  Enjoy your break!

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